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What We Do

The iNtaka Centre is  a learning, teaching and research hub dedicated to exploring the legal, technical, ethical and social implications at the nexus of law, technology, innovation, data and society. Our work is centred around 4 main pillars: teaching, research, policy and learning. Through these main pillars our goal is to positively impact digital policy and the digital economy by employing multidisciplinary research to explore the interplay between technology, regulation, innovation and human rights.


Intaka Centre also runs the LawTechLab, which provides an opportunity to gain hands-on experience with technologies and tools that are poised to revolutionise the legal landscape, including practical exposure to Artificial Intelligence, open public blockchains, and smart-contracts. We strive to spark curiosity in the next generation of lawyers, and give them the tools they need to manifest this, by introducing students to new technologies and the challenges they pose with hands-on work. The lab is a space where you can learn about technology to future proof your legal career.


We prepare students for rapidly changing legal workplaces, while empowering and inspiring them to play a leading role in shaping the legal workplace of the future. We do this by providing hands-on teaching of, and access to, technologies relevant to the legal practice, and through invitations to events including panel discussions, presentations by members of industry, hackathons and other networking events.

Academics & Researchers

We provide provide training in data science research methodologies to facilitate research engagement with digital data, and seek to be a leading producer of research output on law and technology.

Legal Professionals

We provide professional development opportunities to ensure that attorneys and advocates are well-apprised of the issues facing their clients in a rapidly digitising business landscape, and the legal developments happening around these issues. We will do this by offering modules in collaboration with UCT’s Law@Work programme.

Law Firms & 
Other Legal Service Providers

We assist firms to stay at the cutting edge of legal technology innovations that promote internal workplace efficiency, currency of legal knowledge, and effective client service.

How To Get Involved



Participate in our ethnographic research as we shape the future of the LawTechLab.



Nominate yourself or your organisation to deliver a seminar or guest lecture on a relevant topic.



Are you sitting on a pile of legal information that is ripe for a data science research approach? Talk to us about academic collaborations and co-authorship opportunities.



Donate to the lab! Help us get access to a 3D printer, computer hardware and software, and run exciting events.

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